Welcome to the Collection of 1st Grade XO Lesson Plans




Big Idea

Comparing Stories
RI.1.9 – Identify basic similarities
and differences between two texts
on the same topic
-The Egyptian Cinderella by
Shirley Climno
-Cinderella- Walt Disney version
-Voki account (www.voki.com)
-Labyrinth or paint
Using Images to
create a diagram

Writing Opinions
W.1.1 – Write opinion pieces in which
they introduce the topic or name the
book they are writing about, state an
opinion, supply a reason for the opinion,
and provide some sense of closure.
-Opinionated text (such as Animals
Should Not Wear Clothing)
-Browse Activity
-Write Activity
Students are writing
with images to support
Text Features
RI.1.5 – Know and use various text feathers
(e.g.headings, tables of contents, glossaries,
electronic menus, icons) to locate key facts
or information in a text.
-Get Books
Read a page and sharing
with shoulder partner and
creating a report in Write.
RF.1.3c – Know final –e and common vowel
team conventions for representing long vowel
Matching words with long
and short a'
RF.1.4.b – Read on-level text with accuracy,
appropriate rate, and expression on
successive readings
Timed reading and record, to
hear the play back.
Character Analysis
RL.1.4 – Identify words and phrases
in stories or poems that suggest feelings
or appeal to the senses.
SL.1.4 – Describe people, places, things
and events with relevant details, expressing
ideas and feelings clearly.
-Story demonstrating
strong emotions
Drawing in paint to create
character's emotions.
1.L.1.f – Use frequently occurring adjectives
Student will take a picture and
use adjectives to describe the
Sight Words
1.RF.3 – Know and apply grade-level phonics
and word analysis skills in decoding words
The student are saying the sight
words into Speak.
Describing Characters
1.RL.7 - Use illustrations and details in a story to
describe its characters, setting or events.
Comparing themselves to a character
in a book.
Fiction vs. Non-fiction
1.RL.5 - Explain major differences between books
that tell stories and books that give information,
drawing on a wide reading of a range of text types.
Making fiction and non-fiction statements
based on an image.